Yamaha Technical Bulletin: July 30, 2016
Bulletin Number: AT2016-002A

Safety Bulletin:
Certain 2016 Grizzly (YFM70G) and 2016/17 Kodiak (YFM70K) Models - Faile Decompression Spring

The customer complains that the engine is difficult to turn over and will not start, yet the electrical starting system is working correctly.

The decompression spring is broken because it was weakened by a scratch during manufacturing.

Solution: Please modify new and customer owned units at the earliest possible timing.  This can include periodic maintenance or another service ocasion including PDI.

Potentially Affected Models:
Certain 2016 Grizzly (YFM70G) and 2016/17 Kodiak (YFM70K) Models.  Call with your VIN number to see if your machine is affected by this recall.

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